Summer School

Vione: history, restoration and structural rehabilitation of the rural mountain heritage

Brescia – Vione, Italy | June 24-28, 2024

VIONElab is happy to host this Summer School, which, at the end of June, will bring 30 people to Vione, all dedicated to the restoration and structural rehabilitation of rural mountain heritage!



The Summer School “Vione: history, restoration and structural rehabilitation of the rural mountain heritage”, promoted by the University of Brescia (June 24-28, 2024), is part of the “Vione Permanent Laboratory” project, which includes a series of activities organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Vione and the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica. Vione rises in northern Valle Camonica, an Italian mountain area neighboring the Swiss Alps, on the Eastern side of Lombardy.

The project aims to increase knowledge, recovery and valorization of mountain villages. Many examples of traditional mountain construction are preserved in Vione: these examples are essential both to understand rural mountain building traditions and to preserve them through appropriate intervention projects.

The course, which will be held between Brescia and Vione, will investigate, first of all, the historical stratification of Vione, the construction and strengthening techniques, the types of materials and their origin, the state of conservation of the buildings and the most frequent structural systems used. Knowledge of the characteristics of the historical buildings will highlight the main critical issues of the construction heritage. The lectures will be completed with in-depth studies on structural behavior of wooden floors, wooden roofs, vaults, arches and masonry walls topics. Hence, one of the main goals of the Summer School is to offer an innovative background on existing structures.

Participants, through laboratory activities, will be able to investigate real case studies refining their ability to read and interpret historical buildings, using the most appropriate intervention techniques. The intervention projects designed have the goal of guaranteeing the maintenance continuity of mountain rural architectural heritage, encouraging its reuse by improving its energy efficiency, usability conditions and structural performance.


Elisa SalaUniversity of Brescia |


Fausto Minelli, Full professor
Giovanni Plizzari, Full Professor
Carlotta Coccoli, Associate Professor
Irene Giustina, Associate Professor
Barbara Scala, Associate Professor
Luca Facconi, Assistant Professor
Elisa Sala, Assistant Professor



Letizia Barozzi, Ph.Din History of Art
Francesca Tanghetti, PHD candidate Civil, Environmental Engineering, International Cooperation and Mathematics (DICACIM)


  • Vione and Valle Camonica: historical stratification and main communication routes;
  • Materials and construction techniques from the mountainous area of Valle Camonica;
  • Tools and cognitive investigation for restoration (stratigraphic analysis elements of architecture, degradation materials and pathologies mapping through the use of codified terminologies);
  • Reuse of rural buildings by improving their energy efficiency and usability conditions;
  • Reinforcement techniques for: wooden floors, wooden roofs, vaults, arches and masonry walls;
  • Interaction between masonry wall and wooden structures;
  • Intervention strategies for the conservation and reuse project;
  • Case studies on existing buildings.


Jean-Pierre Albertani, Professeur, Université d’Architecture Paris la Villette
Dina D’Ayala, Full professor, UCL – University College London
Anna Maria Basso Bert, Soprintendenza archeologica, belle arti e paesaggio per le provincie di Bergamo e Brescia (Ministry of Culture)
Ezio Giuriani, Emeritus professor, University of Brescia
Fausto Minelli, Full professor, University of Brescia
Giovanni Plizzari, Full professor, University of Brescia
Carlotta Coccoli, Associate Professor, University of Brescia
Irene Giustina, Associate Professor, University of Brescia
Barbara Scala, Associate Professor, University of Brescia
Elisa Sala, Assistant Professor, University of Brescia


University students (especially engineering and architecture students), Graduate students, PhDs, post-doctoral researchers, university staff and practitioners willing to do research and application in the field of history, restoration and structural rehabilitation of the rural mountain heritage.


June, 24-26, 2024 | Room B0.3, University of Brescia, DICATAM: via Branze, 43 – Brescia ITALY
June, 27-28, 2024 | Vione town hall: Piazza Vittoria, 1 – Vione (BS) ITALY


Students, PhDs, research fellows belonging to DICATAM or UNITA-University Montium alliance: free of charge (for students, a guest-house in Vione (26-28 June, 3 nights) will be available for free. There are agreements with local cafè to reduce prices)
Engineers registered with the Brescia Engineer Chamber (30 CFP): 200€
For everyone else: 250€
The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 30.
For all registrations and payments: Valentina Loli |
For assistance in any accommodation facilities: Elisa Sala, UNIBS |
For registration to Brescia Engineer Chamber CFP:> area “FORMAZIONE” -> “OFFERTA FORMATIVA DELL’ORDINE”