Award “Minimal Architecture in the Alps”

Section I

Minimal architecture for communities

Fill in and send the following form:

    The undersigned

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    with professional studio in

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    to participate to the “Minimum architecture in the Alps” Award in Section I - Minimal architecture for communities with the project called

    made in the Municipality of

    locality/hamlet of

    province of


    in year


    1. that the architectural project relates to existing buildings, and was built in an urban area or in a hamlet with a population of less than 5,000 inhabitants;

    2. that the client of the project is the public Authority named

      based in ZIP

      of which the Legal Representative is Mr. ;

    3. that the documents presented comply with the work carried out and are fully available to the designer and the client, and that they do not infringe the rights of third parties. In any case, the undersigned undertakes to indemnify the Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica against any claims by third parties in this regard;

    4. that for communications relating to the project, the email address to which notifications or requests should be sent is

    I attach to this application form:

    • Summary report (abstract max 3000 characters, max 3 Mb);

    • Descriptive report (max 9,000 characters, max 3 Mb);

    • N ... drawings with graphic, cartographic and photographic documentation (upload the files in a single .ZIP file, max 20 Mb);

    • N ... photographs relating to the situation prior to the intervention (upload the photos in a single .ZIP file, max 20 Mb);

    • Video with a maximum duration of 5 minutes (if any, max 20 Mb);

    • Disclaimer regarding the use and publication of information and content of the project and data processing sheet* (download the disclaimer here, fill it up and reload it in the next field)

    The undersigned undertakes to complete his documentation in formats and versions suitable for the initiatives of publication and dissemination of the Prize, upon request of the Jury and the Organizing Secretariat.